From as early as I can remember, playing sport was something which I did and something which I loved. I loved it mostly for the camaraderie and I also enjoyed the healthy competitive spirit of it all. To this day, most of my friendships have started from being in a sports team or participating in some form of exercise activity.


Through the ups and downs, one thing I never stopped doing was some form of physical activity, which for me was very important and my way of ‘balancing’ my lifestyle. Being focused on my career and future was something which I always thought a lot about and set myself long term goals for.


I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with everything I consider important to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I did this to learn and to give myself the greatest chance of longevity and overall abundant health. I want my mind, body and spirit to be healthy, alert and fully functioning ’til I’m 150 years old


My fitness journey has been a mainstay and provided me with a strong, clear and opportunistic mindset to deal with life’s curve balls. It’s been broad and varied as you can see below. I understand the stresses of modern day life well, so speak from experience when I offer my guidance and support as a coach.