The Ridiculously Human Podcast – Conversations

RHP #084. Dr John Demartini – Human Behaviour Specialist, Researcher, Educator, Author

Human Behaviour Specialist. Researcher. Educator. Author. Personal Development Expert. Founder of Demartini Institute. Surfer. Yogi. Master Sage. Bookworm of 32,000 Read Books. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #083. Bud Jeffries, Strongman, Minister, Strength Coach, 1,000lbs Squatter

Strongman. Minister. Author. Motivational Speaker. Massage Therapist. Strength Coach. 1,000lbs Squatter. Coin Bender. Life Enthusiast. Founder of An Unconventional Life – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #082. Bruce Lipton, Scientist, Epigenetic Expert, Author of Biology of Belief

Stem Cell Researcher. Developmental Biologist. Epigenetic Expert. Scientist. Keynote Speaker. Spiritual Scientist. Believer. Author of The Biology of Belief. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #081. Gareth Martin, Executive and Life Coach, Bodybuilder, Yogi, Natural Chef, Podcast Host

Transformation Coach. Bodybuilder. Yogi. Ex-Investment Banker. Natural Chef. Meditation Teacher. Smiler. Traveller. Lover Of Challenges. Networker. Organisation Guru. Podcast Host – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #080. Craig Haywood, Chiropractor, Science Enthusiast, Deep Thinker, Podcast Host

Doctor of Chiropractic. Science Enthusiast. Networking Machine. Smiler. Deep Thinker. Rock Solid Buddy. Truth Seeker. Pragmatist. Host of The Ridiculously Human Podcast – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #079. Safwan Shah, Rocket Scientist, Entrepreneur, Conscious Capitalist, and Founder of Payactiv

Electrical Engineer. Entrepreneur. Lecturer. Silicon Valley Founder. Rocket Scientist. Conscious Capitalist. Author. Speaker. Cricket Fanatic. Humble Human. Founder of Payactiv. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #078. Alex Moore, Metalsmith, Actor, Designer, Jewellery Maker and Founder of Gold Pan Pete

Metalsmith. Actor. School Teacher. Designer. Rugby Player. Dad. Jewellery Maker. Networker. Class Clown. Smiler. Side Hustler. Founder of Gold Pan Pete. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #077. Camille Knowles, Eczema Conqueror, Health Coach, Founder of The Beauty Of Eczema

Eczema Conqueror. Health Coach. Author. Natural Chef. Smiler. Business Woman. Tribe Builder. Eczema Warrior. Founder Of The Beauty Of Eczema. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #076. Michael Bungay Stanier, Author, Coach, Rhodes Scholar, Founder and CEO of Box Of Crayons

Curious Communicator. Author. Coach. Listener. Keynote Speaker. Podcaster. Rhodes Scholar. Bookworm. Founder and CEO of Box Of Crayons. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #075. Donovan Marsh, Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Writer, Cinematographer, Hollywood Film Director

Award-Winning Filmmaker. Screenwriter. Artist. Writer. Editor. Cinematographer. Hollywood Film Director of Hunter Killer. Dad. Creative Genius. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #074. Damara Ryder, Family Lawyer, Investment Banker, World Traveller & Networking Professional

Family Lawyer. Ex-Investment Banking Director. Dancer. World Traveller. Networking Professional. Snowboarder. Smiler. Nature Lover. Wife. Mum. Entrepreneur. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #073. Gavin Aung Than, Cartoonist, Storyteller, Comic Lover, Illustrator, Founder of Zen Pencils

Cartoonist. Storyteller. Drawer. Comic Lover. Illustrator. Graphic Designer. Speaker. Writer. Founder of Zen Pencils. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #072. Margo Aaron, Accidental Marketer, Entrepreneur, Writer, Founder of That Seems Important

Accidental Marketer. Recovering Psychological Researcher. Entrepreneur. Daywalker. Writer. Mom. Wannabe Astronaut. Founder of, That Seems Important. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #071. Arno Carstens, Platinum Singer-Songwriter, and Lead Singer of Springbok Nude Girls

Platinum Singer-Songwriter. Lead Singer of Springbok Nude Girls. Hero. Fine Artist. Smiler. Sci-Fi Fan. Rock Star. South African Legend. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #070. Ryan Hawell, Maritime Adventurer, Sales Extraordinaire, Director of Operations for Steiner

Maritime Adventurer. Sales Extraordinaire. Team Builder. Dance Floor King. Energiser Bunny. Positivity Powerhouse. Spiritual Warrior. Smiler. Best Bud. Joburg China – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #069. Richard Mulholland, Punk Rocker, Speaker, Author, Board Gamer and Serial Entrepreneur

Punk Rocker. ex-Rock ‘n Roll Roadie. Speaker. Author. Serial Entrepreneur. Thought Leader. Presentation King. Teacher. Board Game Enthusiast. Deliberate Misfit. Tattoo Lover. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #068. Lilia Tarawa, Gloriavale Daughter, Cult Convalescent, Author and Business Coach

Religious Cult Convalescent. ex-Gloriavale Daughter. Author. Speaker. Smiler. Business Coach. Role Model. Indie Rock Lover. Liberated and Free Human. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #067. Jody Calitz, Women’s Health Expert, Ex-Pro Bikini Bodybuilder, Nutritionist, Vegan Athlete

Women’s Health Expert. Ex-Pro Bikini Bodybuilder. Nutritionist. Vegan Athlete. Elite Personal Trainer. Yogi. Holistic Coach. Women’s Transformation Specialist. Smiler. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #066. Keegan Smith, NRL Performance Coach, Author, Dad and Founder of RealMOVEMENTProject

NRL Performance Coach. Author. Mentor. Student. Teacher. Personal Growth Extraordinaire. Dad. Budding Farmer. Nature Lover. Founder of RealMOVEMENTProject. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #065. Simon McCartney, Mountaineer, Avid Adventurer, Author and Businessman

Mountaineer. Avid adventurer. Dare Devil. Alpinist. Author. Lighting Illusionist. Businessman.s – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #064. Gareth Martin and Craig Haywood, Hosts of The Ridiculously Human Podcast

This is a short xmas episode to first and foremost say a massive thank you for being part of our journey this year. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #063. Travis Kuhn, Professional Bartender, Smiler, Founder of Perfect Serve

Professional Bartender. Smiler. Mixologist. Entrepreneur. Joburg Boetjie. Dad. Entertainer. Cocktail Aficianado. Flair Specialist. Founder of The Perfect Serve. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #062. Emily Penn, Ocean Conservationist, Plastic Assailant, Founder of Running eXXpedition

Earth Changer. Ocean Conservationist. Artist. Plastic Researcher and Assailant. Skipper. Ocean Advocate. Teacher. Speaker. Smiler. Leader. Founder of Running eXXpedition. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #061. Robert Bowden, Chocolatier, Gay Cowboy, Horse Trainer and Founder of Vivere Chocolates

Chocolatier. Gay. Cowboy. Professional Horse Trainer. Theatrical Aficionado. Farm Boy. Cornbread Lover. Napper. Brogi. Traveller. Founder of Vivere Chocolates – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #060. Helena Escalante, Translation Expert, Chief Bookworm Officer at Entregurus

Reader. Translator. Interpreter. Bibliophile. Communication Expert. Entrepreneur. Marketing Consultant. People Connector. Smiler. Speaker. Chief Bookworm Officer. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #059. Dr Heather McKee, Behaviour Change Specialist and Habit Coach

Behaviour Change Specialist. Habit Coach. Research Geek. Podcast Host. PhD in Weightloss Psychology. Irish Las. Smiler. Wellness Consultant. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #058. Seth Godin, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Marketing Guru, Podcaster, Blogger and Teacher

Blogger. Speaker. Marketing Guru. Ruckus Maker. Bestselling Author. Ringleader. Podcaster. Analogy King. Entrepreneur. Teacher. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #057. Sophie Sabbage, Author, Keynote Speaker, Patient Activist, Cancer Convalescent

Bestselling Author. Keynote Speaker. Teacher. Patient Activist. Transformational Facilitator. Cancer Convalescent. Authenticity Pacesetter. Sage. Luminary. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #056. Brianna & Kristine Tesauro, Adventure Seekers, Cancer Survivor, Founders of Catch Some Air

Heroes. Sassy Sisters. Smilers. Positivity Creators. Living Legends. Adventure Seekers. Cancer Survivors. Founders of Catch Some Air. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #055. Helen Jukes, Amateur Urban Apiarist, Writer, Beekeeper, Writing Tutor, Author

Amateur Urban Apiarist. Writer. Beekeeper. Writing Tutor. Student of Life. Speaker. Nature Bod. Author of A Honey Bee Heart has Five Openings. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #054. Steve Uria, Movement Specialist, Fitness Trainer, Founder of SwitchPlayground

Founder and Creator of SwitchPlayground. Human Movement Specialist. South African. Expert Fitness Trainer. Entrepreneur. Mindset Master. Dad. Teacher. Smiler. Sincere Human. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #053. Craig Haywood and Gareth Martin – One Year Anniversary with your Hosts

In this Episode, we speak about our experience during a year of Podcasting and get into the details of what it takes to Produce one Podcast Episode too. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #052. Wanjira Mathai, Youth Developer, Storyteller and Chairwoman of Wangari Maathai Foundation

Passionate Youth Advocate. Conservationist. Optimist. Leader. Kenyan. Environmentalist. Smiler. Storyteller. Tree Lover. African Lady. Movement Creator. Chairwoman of the Wangari Maathai Foundation – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #051. Devin Lester, Professional Photographer, Black Belt Karate and Founder of DLP

Professional Photographer. Dream Chaser. Technical Artist. Realist. Black Belt Karate. Founder of DLP. ex-Actuary. Dad and Loving Husband. Smiler. Awesome Buddy. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #050. Darin Olien, Superfood Hunter, Vegan, Hydration Expert. Founder of Superlife and Baruka

Superfood Hunter. Conservationist. Jacked Vegan. Hydration Expert. Author. Founder of Superlife. Supplementation Formulator. Surfer. Misfit Member. Ethically Astute. Awesome Dude. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #049. Hannah Phillips, Homeschooler, Artist, Founder of HP Media and Piper Creative

Homeschooled. Artist. Photographer. Entrepreneur. Founder of HP Media and Piper Creative. Coffee Addict. Creator. College Opt-Out. Harry Potter Nerd. Wannabe Author. Leader. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #048. Fei Wu – Podcast Host, People Connector, Freelance Digital Marketer. Founder of Feisworld

Podcast Host. Chinese. Go-Getter. Digital Marketer. Taekwondo Black Belt. Zumba Dancer. Project Manager. People Connector. Smiler. Entrepreneur. Mastermind Host. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #047. Chantel Dartnall, Worlds Best Female Chef 2017, Owner of Mosaic Restaurant

World’s Best Female Chef. Botanical Food Artist. Nature Lover. Gastronomy Master. Best South African Chef Overall. Smiler. Traveller. Lady Leader. Charmer. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #046. Rick Clemons, Bold Move Expert, Host of Life (Un)Closeted Podcast, Gay Bear

Bold Move Expert. Podcast Host. (Un)Closeted Human. Status Quo Disruptor. Teddy Bear. Keynote Speaker. Author. Closet Deconstructor. Confidence Creator. Coach. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #045. Alice Zaslavsky – Australian Masterchef Alumna, Author and Founder of Alice in Frames

Australian Masterchef Alumna. Food Nerd. Jewish Immigrant. Teacher. Edutainer. Author. TV Presenter. Food Judge. Culinary Conversationalist. Smiler. Realist. Business Woman. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #044. Tony Moze, Edutainer, Entrepreneur, Passion Promoter and The Rhyming Book Reviewer

Edutainer. Passion Promoter. Bookworm. Rapper. Musician. Army Veteran. Entrepreneur. Educationalist. Leader. Innovator. Eyelash King. Top Bloke. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #043: Paul Connolly, Author, Celebrity Trainer and Victim of Child Abuse

7th Son of a 7th Son. Victim of Child Abuse. ex-Gangster. Celebrity Personal Trainer. Lucky Charm. Author. Public Speaker. Loving Husband. Dad. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #042: Jay Maryniak, No. 1 Functional Fitness Trainer and Founder of JTM Fit

Personal Trainer. Fitness Professional. Dog Dad. Instagram Influencer. Type 1 Diabetic. Wellness Authority. Animal Lover. Smiler. Genuine Top Bloke. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #041: Paul De Gelder, Motivational Speaker and Shark Attack Survivor

Plant Powered. Bionic Man. Shark Attack Survivor. Animal Lover. ex-Navy Clearance Diver. Shark Conservationist. Motivational Speaker. Author. Humble Human. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #040: Pamela Gay, PhD Astronomer and Astronomy Cast Host

PhD Astronomer. Educator. Comic Aficionado. Writer. Podcaster. Scientist. Star Gazer. Big Thinker. Speaker. Storyteller. Interlocutor. Proud Nerd. Gracious Human. Explorer. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #039: Andrew Roberts, Ex-Warrant Officer Class 01 and Domestic Abuse Victim

Warrant Officer Class 01. Soldier. Domestic Abuse Victim. Leader. Instructor. Veteran. Speaker. Sergeant Major. Loving Dad. Brave and Courageous Human. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #038: Simon Van Gend, Musician and Lead of Simon Van Gend Band

Musician. Thinker. Artist. Brave Man. South African. Teacher. Microbiologist. Typesetter. Band Member. Courageous Human. Convalescent. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #037: Kelly Rennie, Mums Fitness Expert and Founder of Busy Mum Fitness

Busy Mum. Entrepreneur. International Fitness Model. Author. Pre and Post Natal Expert. Lady Leader. Writer. Cover Girl. Fitness Professional. Life Changer. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #036: Annie Clarke, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Mind Body Bowl

Founder of Mind Body Bowl. Young Sage. Entrepreneur. Yoga Teacher. Author. Inquisitive Questioner. Thought Leader. Smiler. Authentic Human. Charmer. Cognoscenti. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #035: Luke Storey, Transformational Coach and Host of The Life Stylist Podcast

True Gentleman. Podcast Host. Stylist. Master Biohacker. Music Aficionado. Entrepreneur. Lifestyle Design Coach. Public Speaker. Experimentalist. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #034: Chris Kilham, Founder of Medicine Hunter and Plant Medicine Expert

Medicine Hunter. Pioneer. Yogi. Author. Plant Medicine Expert. Educator. Firewalker. Environmentalist. Smiler. Storyteller. Chief. Maxipe. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #033: Tara Russell, Founder and President of Fathom Travel

Founder and President of Fathom Travel. Global Impact Leader. Selfless Human. Human Empowerer. Serial Entrepreneur. Opportunity Curator. Mom. Nature Lover. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #032: Sheena Yap Chan, Host of Tao of Self Confidence Podcast

Podcast Host. Confidence Spreader. Risk Taker. Explorer. Asian Women Inspirer. Storyteller. Wisdom Sharer. Speaker. Blogger. Woman Entrepreneur.        – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #031: Alvin Irby, Founder of Barbershop Books. Comedian & Entrepreneur

Founder of Barbershop Books. School Teacher. Reading Identifier. Author. TED Speaker. Comedian. Crocheter. Cultural Competency Specialist. Social Entrepreneur. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #030: Alex Hutchinson, Author of Endure and Editor of Sweat Science

Author. Endurance Expert. Canadian Athlete. PhD Physicist. Journalist. Sweat Science Editor. Ex-Olympic Trialist. Humble Human. Dad. Top Bloke.      – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #029: Michael O’Brien, Executive Coach. CEO of Peloton Coaching & Consulting

Author. TEDx Speaker. Executive Coach. Victor. Mindshifter. altMBA Alumni. Gentleman. Dad. Loving Husband. Wannabe Pro-Tenpin Bowler. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #028: Darryl Edwards, Founder of Primal Play Movement and Play Specialist

Amortal Human. Founder of Primal Play. The Fitness Explorer. Animal Mover. Play Specialist. Fun Expert. Paleo Chief. Public Speaker. Movement Master. Teacher. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #027: Rosie Millen, Founder of Miss Nutritionist and Adrenal Fatigue Specialist

Founder of Miss Nutritionist. Entrepreneur. Public Speaker. Adrenal Fatigue Vanquisher. Pianist. Lady Leader. English Rose. Twin. Positivity Spreader. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #026: Shanan Worrall, Founder of Shark Eyes and Big Wave Surfer

Founder of Shark Eyes. Big Wave Surfer. Hero. Abalone Fisherman. Freediver. Teacher. Dad. Adrenaline Junkie. Perfect Wave Chaser. Shark Attack Rescuer. Legend Human. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #025: Dianne McGrath, PhD Researcher and Mars One Astronaut Candidate

Professional Speaker. Experimentalist. PhD Researcher. Community Leader. TEDx Speaker. Sustainability Expert. Boundary Pusher. Twin. Scientist. Biohacker. Mars One Candidate. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #024: Dr Thandi Ndlovu, CEO of Motheo Construction Group and Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter. Mother Figure. CEO. Doctor. Women Empowerer. Political Activist. Exiled. Philanthropist. Entrepreneur. Thought Leader. Dr T. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #023: Erin Bailey, Founder of E-Bailey Fitness and Consulting. Viral Blogger

Role Model. Boss Lady. Woman Leader. Viral Blog Poster. Fitness Teacher. Digital Marketer. Brand Ambassador. Fitness Model. Humble Human. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #022: Emma and Carla Papas, The Merrymaker Sisters. Bloggers and Merry Makers

MerryMakers. Bliss Followers. Yoga and Pilates Instructors. Life Chasers. Energy Babes. Savvy Business Women. Truth Talkers. Sisters. Podcasters. Health Advocates. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #021: Joe Cross, Joe the Juicer. Filmmaker of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

Juicer. Normal bloke. Author. Filmmaker. Wellness advocate. Netflix Star. Rebooter. Entrepreneur. Educator. Realist. Aussie. Smiler. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #020: Christie Lindor, Management Consultant, Author & Hostess of Mece Muse

Reformed Perfectionist. Author. Podcast Hostess. Recovering Workaholic. Coffee Junkie. Management Consultant. Writer. Speaker. Mentor. Laughing Connoisseur. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #019: Natasha Fett, Celebrity Fitness Trainer. Fitness and Lifestyle Expert

Celebrity Trainer. Twin. Mom of Twins. Raw Food Chef. Vegan. Transformation Expert. Author. Country Music Lover. TV Producer. Loving Wife. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #018: Dali and Finn Schonfelder, The Founders of Nalu Clothing. Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Nalu Clothing Founders. Future Leaders. Hustlers. Siblings. Surfer and Designer. World Travellers. Role Models. Empowerers. Life Changers. Educationalists. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #017: Lizanne Van Vuuren, Coxless Crew Pacific Ocean Rower and Osteopath

Business Woman. World Record Holder. Osteopath. English Rose. South African Lioness. Role Model. Charmer. Coxless Crew Member. Lady Leader. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #016: Melissa Monte, Hostess of the Mind Love Podcast

Gadget Girl. Conqueror. Podcast Hostess. Fighter. Veracious Orator. Victim. Infectious laugher. Bright and Bubbly. Free spirit. Mindlove Expert. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #015: Shaun Fuchs, ex- School Principal. Educationalist and Entrepreneur

Educationalist. Orator. Eternal Optimist. Mentor. Powerlifter. Entrepreneur. Coach. Man of the People. World Traveller. Teacher. Entrepreneur. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #014: Erik Kruger, Founder of Betterman Group. Executive and Mindset Coach

Personal Development Coach. Professional Speaker. Founder of BetterMan. Life Strategist. Writer. Mindset Coach. Digital Marketer. Accreationist. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #013: Ashlyn George, Founder of Lost Girls Guide to Finding The World

Adventurer. Storyteller. Solo World Traveller. Motivational Speaker. Daredevil. Environmentalist. Dive Master. Business Woman. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #012: Craig Haywood and Gareth Martin, Christmas Show: The Hosts – Xmas Episode

Festive and Season Greetings from, Craig and Gareth! We hope everyone has had a merry xmas with lots of fun, laughter and good times, while connecting with the other ridiculously awesome humans in your life! – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #011: Dr Alex Hynes, Emergency Veterinarian Physician and Business Woman

Veterinarian Physician. Loving Mom. Humanitarian. Influencer. Business Woman. TV Personality. Conservationist. Smiler. Pet Saver. Superwoman. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #010: Sean Roberts, Ex-Professional Football Goalkeeper and Player Agent

Ex-professional footballer. Jokester. Role model. Player Agent. Loving husband. Nature Lover. Traveller. South African. Businessman. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #009: Mbulelo Thinta, Interlocutor, Ultra-trail Runner and Host of Bleachers

Interlocutor. Maverick. Man of Nature. Dynamic Human. Emcee. Humanitarian. Ultra Trail Runner. Brother. Fine Breed of Human. Positivity Spreader. Optimist. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #008: Jessie Mundell, Chief Mamma Trainer at JMG Fitness, Pre and Postnatal Expert

Fit Mom. Educator. Myth Debunker. Prenatal and Postnatal Expert. Gymnast and Lifter. Online Coach. Influencer. Mamma Trainer Expert. Loving Mom. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #007: Eva Claire Marseille, Boeing 747 Pilot and First Officer. Fly with Eva

Pilot. Bookworm. Role model. Social Media Influencer. Inspirational Woman. Dream Chaser. Lady Leader. Example Setter. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #006: John Sanei, Trenovator, Futurist, Moonshot Chaser, Author and Keynote Speaker

Storyteller. Trenovator. Forever Optimist. Lank Good Bloke. Moonshot chaser. Persian African. Global Speaker. Author. Thought Leader. Genuine Human. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #005: Gareth Pickering, Digital Nomad and Founder of The Freedom Fighter

Digital Nomad. Author. Freedom Fighter. Adventurer. Perfect Day Chaser. Ridiculously Caring Human. He walks the talk. Gareth now lives the life of his dreams. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #004: Dr Espen Hjalmby, Ninja Warrior and Founder of Bonfire Hot Yoga

Survivor. Believer. Extrovert and Enthusiast. Ninja Warrior. Entrepreneur. Good Bloke. Yogi. Espen is the epitome of mind over matter. Today his story explains why. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #003: Darryl Edwards, Fitness Explorer. Paleo Expert. Movement and Play Specialist

Founder of Primal Play. Role model. Legend. Awesome human being. Movement Specialist. Good buddy. Paleo Expert. Author. Public Speaker. Mover. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #002: David and Tim, Founders of School of Calisthenics and Conditioning Coaches

Founders of School of Calisthenics. Movement Professionals. Paralympic Coaches. Calisthenics Experts. Lekker Chinas. Businessmen. Motivational Human. Impossible Creators. – Website Link with Full Details

RHP #001: Anna Sward, Founder of Protein Pow, Cook Book Author and Protein Expert

Founder of ProteinPow. Lifter. Lady Leader. Entrepreneur. Protein Specialist. PhD. Loving Mom. Conversationalist. Inspiring Human. Great friend. Author. – Website Link with Full Details.

RHP #000: Gareth Martin, Executive and Lifestyle Coach. Craig Haywood, Doctor of Chiropractic

Your Podcast Hosts – Craig Haywood and Gareth Martin. South Africans. Brothers from other Mothers. Storytellers. Positivity Junkies. Perfect Day Chasers. – Website Link with Full Details