What is Future Proof Coaching?

I help you break the shackles of the current constraints in your life and career. We are each gifted with unique talents and owe it to ourselves to offer our skills to the world.

Future Proof Coaching, is Executive and Lifestyle Coaching which gets personal and helps you untap your inner talents, strengths and potential. If you want to show up each day and make a difference, then get ready to commit to a life changing transformation. Ambitious people who want to take their career, business, lives and mindset to the next level, should schedule a call now to begin a life changing experience.

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The Future Proof Coaching Structure

For coaching to work as effectively as possible, there is no option besides honest and open communication between us, as coach and client. I’m here to guide and challenge you to become the best version of yourself you have ever been.


  • A free INITIAL ZOOM SESSION for us to connect. We’ll discuss where you are now and where you want to be going forward
  • A specially designed 12 WEEK EXECUTIVE and LIFESTYLE COACHING FRAMEWORK, arranged into 4 separate cycles
  • You will experience:-

—-> HONEST Self-Assessment

—-> IDENTIFY your unused strengths

—-> DEEP personal exploration

—-> CONFRONTING assumptions

—-> HIGHLY committed action planning

—-> Will always be MOVING FORWARD

  • WEEKLY COACHING SESSIONS: To keep committed and accountable to your goals and ambitions.
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What is included?

Free Consultation

Coaching Program

  • Structured 12 Week Executive and Lifestyle Coaching Program

Goal Tracking

  • Goal Setting Strategies
  • Accountability Sessions
  • Development Plans


  • Weekly Zoom Sessions
  • WhatsApp 24/5
  • Email


Please get in touch to discuss.