Odelle Howard

Odelle Howard

Starting out in the new position as Headmistress of a school, Gareth was approached to assist me with the transition into my new role. When I met Gareth, I was still employed in my old role as Deputy Headmistress as well as in the new role. He assisted me in prioritising my duties and ensuring that I functioned with integrity and gave due diligence to both my roles.

Once I began my new role as Headmistress in a full-time capacity, Gareth helped me to set realistic goals and focus my actions on what was important to myself and the organisation. He helped me see the obvious links in my present actions and how they affected the goals that I had set. He also helped me unpack relationships with people I worked with and what they meant to me and the organisation. His guidance through the transition process was invaluable and he has a unique skill to understand and paint a holistic picture of a person.

His methods extend not only to organisational goals but ensures one has a healthy view of their personal developmental milestones as well. Gareth’s ability to listen well allows him to hear what is unsaid, it is this quality that allowed me an opportunity to express myself with ease.

His professional manner and his promise of confidentiality ensured a safe and comfortable environment and allowed a relationship of trust to develop. I believe that it is these characteristics that make him successful as what he does. I would highly recommend his services to any person in need of an Executive and Lifestyle Coach.


Odelle Howard

Headmistress: Reddam House Waterfall

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