Shaun Fuchs

Shaun Fuchs

There are times when you start something, a task or an activity, be it for leisure or work and you are not 100% sure that this is actually what you should be doing or even that you want this or need it. That sentence could not be more fitting for when I first started my Executive Coaching relationship with Gareth. However, the more the relationship or should I say, the partnership developed, the quicker those thoughts dissolved…

Gareth by his own right is a remarkable human being. He comes with a mass of human credentials that make one feel slightly awkward at first. But, at the start of the first meeting, you just feel so comfortable and so at ease that any thoughts of unease are immediately emancipated. Deciding to use an Executive Coach is a bold step and for me it was exactly what I needed. Working with Gareth, you feel completely secure in the relationship. He asks the questions that no one else will ask. Sets scenarios that give you a clear path on a way forward, if you should choose that direction, even though you are completely involved in the process as an equal partner. 

If I had to sum up my Executive Coaching course with Gareth, I would use key words like, CLARITY, FOCUS, CONFIDENCE, HOLISTIC, VISION and SUPPORT. I can highly recommend Gareth for anyone who wants clarity on where they are in their career space and anyone who wants to shift gears in their life and mindset.

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