Carrot and Apple Yes Juice

Carrot and Apple Yes Juice

⏰ Time is ticking for all of us my friends so let’s start Sunday and this coming week off with a flippin excellent mindset ??‍♂️ and say YEEEEES to absolutely everything which is going to challenge and improve us as individuals as well as make things better for those around us ???

This carrot clocktail ? is a little beaut of a drink too!

Serves 2

4 large carrots
1 large red apple
1 inch or so of fresh ginger


  • Place all ingredients in a juicer and juice the bad boy
  • Serve with a couple of crudités in it (purely for aesthetics and to make people think you’re a pro food photographer ????)


This little health bomb is packed with beta-carotene ? and one of the many health benefit

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