Sprouting surprise

Sprouting surprise

You’re looking at this with this sort of face ?going…..naahnaaah that does not work Hahahaha

Well firstly, I found out that Brussel sprouts have very little water/liquid in them so juicing them may not be the best idea in the world. Although the little juice they do give out provides a surprisinly good flavour to the juice

The sprouts are overflowing with nutritional goodness. They are high in Vitamin K which is great for your bones, they also pack a good amount of Vitamin C to help boost our immune system.

Serves 1

60g fresh spinach leaves
5 Brussel sprouts
1 small pear
½ inch or so of fresh ginger
½ freshly squeezed lime (optional)


Place all ingredients in a juicer and juice
Add the lime juice
Stir before serving

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