It takes a lot to beat a summers day and evening in London!

It takes a lot to beat a summers day and evening in London!

I’m sitting here after an absolute beaut of a long weekend in London weather wise. For those of you who live in London or who have ever lived here before will know that this city buzzes when the weather is great. I guess it’s partly because it doesn’t happen that often so everyone makes the most of it but there is also something special in the air on those warm summer nights…We certainly made the most of our backyard this last week!!

So the day after I last wrote was a day spent in the kitchen at my Chef’s school. Well well well wasn’t that an interesting day. Our teacher for the day (it changes every week but sometimes we have teachers who do multiple days) was a rather fiery French/Spanish guy who was clearly having a bad day and decided to take it out on all of us but more on one lady in particular who spoke up. He mentioned that everyone had failed their assignments and that he had received complaints about certain people in our class…..She then asked him a very tame question and requested that he address the individuals concerned rather than the group. That was the beginning of WWIII and he let rip……what an absolute muppet! He thought we were a different class so his comment on “Everyone failing their assignment” was completely wrong and meant for another group. DOH! The shouting proceeded for 5 mins and was really quite pathetic and childish – how does a teacher behave like that and possibly think he is going to get the most out of his class. Apparently the culture in kitchens and with chefs in particular is rather arrogant and abusive – just another reminder why I shall never work in a kitchen and am purely doing this for my own interest and learning. A few of the ladies wanted to walk out there and then but fortunately stayed as it was quite an interesting class learning how to cook your owns broths, stocks, soups and sauces!!

Last week I finally finished my Nutrition course at the same school. It was really interesting but it literally just touched the surface and wet the appetite. I’m totally fascinated at the power of a well balanced diet and at the same time rather worried with what damage we as humans are doing to ourselves on a daily basis through the foods we eat and the chemicals we are exposed to. It’s also concerning how ignorance is bliss and the majority of people are (it seems) happy to not take much of an interest in the food they consume.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever bought an Apple product but GEEEEZ what amazing customer service and training they offer. I have been using my iMac for well over a year now and decided to get my introductory training which is all administered online and via the phone. There were so many great little tips and tricks I found out – Split View, Hot Corners, Keyboard Shorts Cuts, Tagging Folders, Pinning Tabs in Safari, Dictation, Handoff,…….! I cannot wait for my next session this week 🙂

Last Saturday was a special day – firstly I received a video call from my mates in Aussie, Two Saffa boys who I put in touch to catch up with each other. I hadn’t seen one of them since High School!! Then on Saturday night we had a rendezvous with 5 old buddies from our London partying days! It’s amazing how easy it is to pick up where you left off with good friends after not seeing them for such a long time. The stories and memories we shared brought such happiness to me and are a constant reminder that everything is about the people in your life and relationships you have. So make sure to nurture them!!!

I’ve got to say that I’m improving with my daily planning and actually getting a lot more done now, the procrastination and excuses are becoming less frequent. I find that by creating a weekly planner it really helps to stay on track and also simplify things. Looking at everything you have to do in one chunk is rather daunting but when you break it down it becomes much more manageable and achievable. Feel free to download this Weekly Planner

Things are hotting up nicely now for our Podcast, we have quite a few guests already lined up and are doing our first real one next Monday!!!! Flippin cannot wait, it’s amazing seeing something come to fruition. What seemed impossible and completely daunting at the start has now become a reality. I cannot wait to learn more about our guests as well as learn how to become a good host with decent interviewing skills.

Have you ever tried to make your own Sourdough bread..?! Well seriously it is a project on the scale of building the Great Wall of China, no joke! 🙂 I made it from start to finish a couple of times now (including the SourDough Starter) and now I have massive respect for every single baker, home baker and experimentalist like myself who gives it a go or who do it day in day out! It took me 7 days to make a loaf. It did taste rather delicious and now it’s a matter of making more and more and trying to improve 🙂

This week I am now able to start thinking about a proper strategy for Fit Ethos and will start putting in place things one by one. Patience is definitely the name of the game. There are a million and one things I want to do but have come to the realisation that everything takes time plus a bit longer than that 😉

Wishing everyone a super rest of the week!






  • Scott Brown
    Posted at 15:43h, 31 August Reply

    Great writing style and always motivational. Best wishes for the future success that you will no doubt have.

    • FitEthosAdmin
      Posted at 06:48h, 01 September Reply

      Hello my boy!! Thank you bud. I really want to improve my writing style actually. This blog is more of a fun general update but I will be writing others which are more topical. I appreciate your support and hope you are keeping well Sir!

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