Shoooweeeee – that was intense!!

Shoooweeeee – that was intense!!

Well Hello Hello Peeps!!

Geez I know I know….5.5 weeks since my last post! I have a good reason 🙂 For 5 weeks I was doing this course called the altMBA it was developed by Seth Godin. He is well known as one of the worlds most followed bloggers, a leading marketer and the author of many top selling business and life books.

I’ll spare you all the details now. Here are some of them below, it was a very powerful course teaching you things like:-

  • How to minimise your fear of actually doing things. To control that Lizard part of the brain or Amygdala – the part of the brain which always adds the resistance to us not doing what we truly want, the part that helps us make a million excuses why we should not do something. You know that part….haha!
  • The art of providing good feedback
  • How powerful feedback is to help you improve, iterate and advance your project, idea, business, etc etc
  • How people’s worldviews and perspectives differ and why it’s so important to be aware and conscious of them
  • Turning constraints into solutions
  • The power of writing and telling a good story
  • How to write down your goals and break them down into small chunks. I found it rather liberating and makes them much more achievable
  • The power of a network and collaboration

The structure of the course is all online. You meet in Zoom (similar to Skype) rooms with your fellow student 3 times a week (Tues and Thurs 6-9pm, Sunday 9am-6pm). Every Monday you are given your 3 projects (week 3 is 5 projects) which need to be delivered by 12pm on Tue, Thu and Sunday night. There is a ton of information provided for each project with books, articles and videos so you do need a good amount of time to invest in this to make it really beneficial. There are a number of people who complete it while doing full time jobs but you need a lot of flexibility and have a few days off here and there to do it properly I’d say!

I’m now part of this amazing Alumni (how American do I sound, LOL!) group of people who literally egg each other on daily, together with providing great feedback, knowledge, references etc etc. I’m so glad I did it and now is time to level things up and get cracking.

I found that writing things down for me really helps to picture them, break them down and remove the fear of not knowing where or how to start. I have 3 big goals which I want to achieve by the end of this year. I used this goal setting method designed by an old school chap called Zig Ziglar (what an awesome name!) Here they are and please hold me accountable!!

  1. Start a podcast (see below)
  2. Create a YouTube channel on Yoga Anatomy
  3. Do a press to handstand

So while the course was going on my yoga took a little bit of a back seat with only managing it 2-3 times a week which was still enough to keep the blood flowing and flexibility levels fairly decent. We had to repeat week 8 of the Wimhof method 3 times because I was a little sick and had to stop it twice unfortunately. Health is 100% back now!! We are finishing Week 10 now and enjoying our Ice Baths…bbbrrrrrr

Sorry I know this is a long post….the most exciting news is the Podcast my friend, Craig, and I are working on and hoping to launch our first episodes early October!! I knocked this website together by myself in a few hours so please excuse it’s amateurish look and feel at the moment (it is currently getting seen to by a pro-developer) So it will be looking much more professional and sleak in the coming weeks!! Please enter Ridiculously Human and let me know your thoughts 🙂

When I left my banking role in February I knew that I had 6 months ahead of learning and courses which I had signed up to so I gave myself that time to make the most of it and enjoy the experience. It was almost a buffer and dare I say ‘excuse’ to work out my future path and now……that buffer period is oveeeeeeeer. Alas I must get going…haha – I’m feeling a ton more clarity now in terms of how I want to take Fit Ethos forward (website is also in progress of getting updates) and other life goals which I have. Thank you all for your interest and I appreciate any feedback or acknowledgement that I get. At the end of the day everything comes down to the people in your lives and how you treat and respect them, I will keep on saying that over and over. Let’s this journey now slip into 4th gear and head out on the highway 🙂

Hope everyone is keeping super well



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