People are awesome and everything…

People are awesome and everything…

I am always blown away by how awesome people are. Maybe I am just lucky and have such awesome friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. The response and well wishes I received from my first post brought a massive smile to my face as well as a lot of water to my eyes…..haha ok I was blubbing like a little baby a lot of Friday.

I have always been hesitant to write a blog because I think to myself….everyone has so much going on in their lives, there is also so much information and data out there, why would they be interested to read another blog or about someone elses life…!! But anyway I’m going to document this journey and if anyone can take a little enjoyment, lesson or whatever from it then that will be awesome!

I must have edited my first post about 6 times because I was concerned it sounded strange or that I might upset somebody or the tone was not quite right……haha you know what I mean!! I’m going to just write exactly what I feel and think and try keep it as raw as possible, I may ramble, I may get a bit deep – so apologies in advance if anyone takes offence. I may throw some profanities in there because fark I love a swear word here and there to get the point across, haha. Who knows that may change along the way but for now they’ll pop up occasionally 🙂

Sitting at the airport now with an hour or so more to kill working from my laptop. Guess I need to get used to this as it’s hopefully the future of how and where I will be working from!

My last week was an emotional one, however my beautiful girlfriend and I had the most amazing time making the most of each others company because we won’t see each other for a while. She is the most sweet, beautiful, happy soul I know and I’m so lucky and grateful to have her in my life. Thanks for your understanding Amor and allowing me to go on this learning experience and journey. Good luck with all the chores at home by yourself – hahaha. Beijo

Walking to work yesterday taking everything in, surrounded by the beautiful buildings of Greenwich University I was thinking a sheeeeeet load with tears pouring from my eyes….”What is life about?” For me at this moment it really is about people in my life, my friends, my family, colleagues, random people you meet and pass. Everything is about the memories and moments we have shared together. I think it’s important that we acknowledge how unique and awesome everyone of us are. There are going to be things that you don’t like about a person but trust me there are things they don’t like about you too! If I can like 80% of someone then that is flippin awesome. The other 20% are the differences which intrigue me about them and should be used to learn from. Anyway getting too deep here, haha 🙂

I flippin hope they have porridge in India….not sure I’m going to be able to live without that 🙂

Speak soon and much love

Gareth / BE / BB / Token / China

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