Orientation and aha moments…!

Orientation and aha moments…!

Don’t you just love flying, it’s an awesome excuse to just sit back relax, be lazy, get fed and have a movie marathon!! I got through 4 on my trip:

Manchester by the Sea – thought it was ok, never quite got going for me

The Revenant – such a good film but gruesome!!

I am Bolt – cracker!! I like him even more now

Mr Church – ah man, what a movie!! Great to see Eddie Murphy back

Eventually got to Goa at 2:30am, oh the joys of landing late! Although that was only like 10pm London time so not the end of the world. I met 5 of other people who were on the same course as me at the airport and we got 2 cabs to our new Shala (Yoga home) for the next month. Why is it that everywhere you travel in continents like Asia, Africa and South America the driving treacherous…?!! I swear our taxi driver was previously a kamikaze pilot……if I was a cat after all the previous journeys and this one I have been on then I’m getting close to using up all of my 9 lives!! I flippin hope I’m just a super cat and have like 18 lives because I do actually find them quite invigorating in a weird sort of way!

SO WE MADE IT to our Shala and little Yoga village at like 4:30am – shoooooo!!! First impressions from what you can see in the darkness is that it looked super awesome. A little village with cabins tucked under a canopy of palm trees with awesome wooden furniture and massive pillows to sit and lie on. Birds singing, tweeting and chuckling to one another together with the bazillion of other animals chiming in with their own sounds and calls! This is nature!!!

My room is your typical kind of simple room which seems half clean, bathroom which seems like it’s never been cleaned and a toilet and shower which are held together by a piece of string. For anyone that has travelled to Thailand etc you know the score! It always makes me really appreciate what we have in our little bubbles that we live in. I am going to definitely be spending a good couple of hours cleaning the heck out of it as I’ll be here for a month!!

So flipping happy that I bought some decent ear plugs with as it’s the end of their holi festival so we had drums banging all night, and groups of dogs barking (what’s a group of dogs called?!)

Sunday was spent getting to know everyone, aquatinting ourselves with the surroundings and getting to meet everyone as they arrived.

GARETH – you must not be judgemental!! Haha – this is me thinking to myself…”wtf are you actually doing here, most of these people are way too hippie for you, is this the right decision?” I’m always like this on day one but know that I will probably flip my mindset 180 degrees come the end.

Got an awesome quick WhatsApp in with Maressa – aren’t we lucky these days to have technology to allow us to see each other and speak. I know it’s not like a new phenomenon but anyway it’s still precious having those important catch up sessions xxx

After my first day, which was full of those awkward day 1 introductions with people you have never met, I was happy to have my cold shower (better get used to that!!), plant the ear plugs in, have a quick read and drift away and PREPARE for the excitement of day 1 of our training!!

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