Slept like a log – whoooohooooo! Bring on the mozzie nets 🙂

OMW – talk about SWEATING! Seriously our training this morning was insane. It was sooooo hot it’s hard to describe. I’ve been to a fair few Bikram Yoga classes and man oh man were they hot but today I sweated more than I have ever. I actually had to change my mat ¾ through our class because it was so wet a slippery. Awesome hey 😉

After chatting to everyone after the class they were the exact same. I had to go and have a quick shower and change of clothes afterwards so that I was fresh for meditation and not sitting around in smelly, wet clothes. In our Pranayama/Meditation classes we practise various different breathing techniques which really help to focus the mind and distract it from wandering off thinking about other things. I’ll write more about them tomorrow but I’m super tired tonight so just want to write quickly.

After brekkie we had our anatomy revision class. We had to split into 4 groups and then draw with a permanent marker on one of the people in our group all the muscles and their points of attachment which we have been learning about! Glad it wasn’t me and I didn’t have to clean that off 🙂

I spent a little of my lunch on the beach and in the sea to try and freshen up and cool down a little, I think the sea water is warmer than my shower so I didn’t have much luck there. Guess I still got to hit the beach at lunch, how was your lunch break?! 🙂

After lunch we had our one to one peer teaching, this time pairing up with a different person than yesterday. It was great fun and I really enjoyed it, once again a fair few things to sharpen up but it’s getting better with each practice. It’s really cool planning out how you are going to structure your class, what you are going to say, which postures including the flow and transitions you use etc etc

We also found out when we are going to teach in our small groups of 6 or so people. I have mine on Saturday afternoon which is a nice way to end my Saturday, especially as we have Sunday off….paaarty 🙂

This evening we had to watch a Yoga Documentary which was pretty interesting and then the rest of my evening has been spent revising for our first assessment / test tomorrow afternoon on Anatomy and Alignment.

Wishing everyone an awesome hump day and speak soon

Gareth / China / Token / BB

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