Weekend is nigh….!

Weekend is nigh….!

It’s Friday…..whoooohoooooo…..oh no wait we still have another day of training! Haha, sad face, smiley face!

We started our day with our self practise which was great and then this time we went straight into our self practise of meditation (and breathing) afterwards, with no break in-between like previously. It was really good actually. I must say that I was feeling fantastic all day – I’m wondering if that’s a result of all the training and meditation because it seems like a longer ‘kind of happiness/contentment’ than just a spurt of extra endorphins.

The shower I had after that felt flippin marvellous, getting all the sweat, salt and smelly clothing off my body! That shower has been my saviour in this steamy heat.

After brekkie we had our adjustment class which was once again very interesting. However I feel that it is too rushed so it’s difficult to take down all the notes from what they are saying and describing to us. I’m not sure if they are rushing through it because they deem it to be less important but I personally find it really beneficial and important to know how to do it, and to do it properly!!

After lunch we had our Philosophy assessment. It was really cool actually – we were just given 3 questions with 2 blank pages and had to write our thoughts on those particular things. I got pretty deep with my answers 🙂

After that we had our second set of peer to peer training. Once again a very high standard from someone teaching their first class. It’s really tough for a lot of the people here who have to teach a class as for most of them English is their second language so it adds a massive amount of pressure on them! Massive kudos to everyone of them!

I spent my evening practising as this Big Fella is taking his first class tomorrow!! I’m really looking forward to it and also looking forward to finishing it to as then I am pretty much done and dusted in terms of studying and preparation.

Wishing everybody a super weekend ahead and hold thumbs for me tomorrow

Much love

Gareth / China / BB / Token

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