One more day to go…!

One more day to go…!

So that’s it, we are pretty much done and dusted after today!! One more Yoga and Meditation class tomorrow, our graduation ceremony and voila….finito!!!

Started the day with our usual Yoga and Meditation training. It’s the last time on this course we do a self practise. I definitely want to do it when I get back to London, I’ll just have to put on my discipline pants and cap to keep it all up!

We had our last theory (which is also a lot of practical) class today too, Posture adjustments. It’s definitely one of my favourite classes, pity we didn’t spend too much time on it.

This afternoon we had our final two peer to peer teaching classes. Our group had already finished yesterday as we had a small group so we were able to drop in to other classes which was nice. I did the first class and then was able to observe the second and not actually do it which was great because my body was super exhausted this afternoon. I think it’s fair to say that everyone is rather knackered and looking forward to hanging up the Yoga boots for a few days once we are done tomorrow!

This evening was awesome, I caught up with a mate of mine from the UK. Delightful Indian guy called Vinit who I met through a good Aussie friend of mine, Roo! We spoke for ages, had an awesome dinner and shared many stories. How awesome is life that we are able to meet such cool people in one country and just happen to be in another one at the same time and catch up there! Dinner on the beach tonight rocked and the little puppies who decided to sleep at our feet were the cutest little guys ever!

So short and sweet today. I’m super tired too and need to hit the sack to recharge for one final morning of training.

Wishing everyone well and sending love

Gareth / China / Token / BB

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