Bye Bye and thank you India :)

Bye Bye and thank you India :)

So sitting on my flight back to London thinking what is next, where do I go from here, how do I get things started, how do I use all this new found knowledge? I’ve read so many flippin entrepreneur, motivational, strategy etc etc etc books, listened to so many podcasts, been on so many courses, watched so many videos that now it is just time to remove the cap of fear and go for it!!

Through all my experiences on this trip of yoga, ayurveda, travel, people, culture……the most profound lessons I learnt came from meditation…

We all wear so many ‘jackets’ which we have put on at various points in our life. We can pretend to be those ‘jackets’ at different times but the real, true you and the real answers to what you are looking for and want in life are all inside. There is no point in continuing searching for what you want or what you should do but rather just listen to what’s inside and that’s what you should be doing

Somehow I have always known mine but it’s been hidden under many jackets!! So now it’s more clear and I realise I need to teach, to share and hopefully motivate and inspire others to be better versions of themselves.

Watched a few movies on the flights back, the best being Collateral Beauty with Will Smith. Saw Fences with Denzel Washington and also Man on Fire – wasn’t a massive fan of Fences but digged Man on Fire!

So the last day of our Meditation Course was great and pretty chilled. One of the guys had to take his class, we then had some Q&A time with our teacher and also put together a few more examples of Meditation Classes/Workshops. We finished with a very beautiful and loving Meditation before we had out little ceremony and then enjoyed a nice team lunch at a local restaurant!

It was very powerful how the Meditation impacted everyone on our course. Day by day people started to remove their layers, open up and be able to start delving into who they are or just facing a few realities in their life….all which contribute to calming the mind and achieving longer peaceful periods

I was really surprised how much energy is required for deep and long periods of meditation, I was eating like a machine but also not doing much other exercise. We all know how drained we can feel when we are expressing emotions…I did read somewhere that the brain uses most of our energy in any given day – which is another reason why we need to exercise it 🙂

I had planned my last day with everything I wanted to do….and it flippin went TO THE T!! Woke up, had a nice cold shower 😉 Walked to my favourite bakery and got a yummy cinnamon roll, enjoyed a strong espresso, went for a nice exploratory walk in the local village, took some cool pics, went to have my favourite smoothie (3 bananas, a big tbsp of peanut butter, sprinkled with desiccated coconut and pomegranate seeds!), went and had my final yoga self practise, hit the beach, took a swim in the Ganges, had my last local dish for lunch, did my final shopping, packed my bag and everything just fitted and then enjoyed one final cold shower before saying au revoir to Rishikesh and India.

This trip has taught me so much and I am truly grateful to be able to have experiences like these. It definitely got my creative juices going and I now really want to capitalise and put all my thoughts and ideas into action.

Thanks to whoever has read these, I really do appreciate it and hopefully it adds a little smile to your day, I will continue writing as this is just the beginning.


Gareth / BB / China / Token

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